Sunday, 9 March 2008

The ethereal experience of web logging (blogging)

I grace Nick Li, from the for making this tangy piece accessible:

This is an incredibly reviving token of recognition for all active bloggers, for those that are weary and are presently crawling into a new world of hopes and shattered dreams and for those who are still skeptic and in disbelief with regards to the blogging ordeal.

If this piece does not make you believe that there is indeed something greater and bigger to come out of the Web logging experience, I hope that its tongue-and-cheek tonality puts a smile on your face, as it did on mine. I, nevertheless, continue to live in hope, and I suggest that some of you join me.


John Flood said...

He really puts it well. Once you've caught the bug and realise the interconnections that are possible and probable, it's hard not to do it and even harder not to continue.

And I say this having spent a wonderful evening in a restaurant drinking a couple of beers with friends overlooking the volcanoes of San Jose in Costa Rica. Life's good.

Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos said...

It's funny though that we do talk about a bug. There is a sense of need to spread one's ontological status (or at least whatever one understands of and by such a thing) - as well as, I suppose, engage into dialogue. But, hey, isn't all dialogues usually just confirmed, encouraged monologues?

not poopooing it, just ruminating..

John Flood said...

If dialogue were only monologue at source (which I could admit one could argue but it's pushing it), then would there ever be communication? Is it just make believe?

I don't actually believe that.